We specialize in computer modeling of complex hydrologic and hydraulic systems.

 We have 30+ years of experience modeling hydrologic and stormwater problems.

 We created WWHM3 for Washington State Department of Ecology and adapted it to model San Francisco Bay Area and San Diego watersheds and stormwater facilities.

 We teach WWHM, BAHM, SDHM, and HSPF workshops.
New model version for Washington State Department of Ecology
WWHM4 Professional
Continuous Simulated Modeling made fast and easy.
Consulting Services
Hydrologic and Hydraulic Modeling and consulting from the experts.
Clear Creek Solutions:
Providing software and consulting services to solve hydrology and stormwater problems throughout the world.
HMP Model Creation
Simple adaptation of WWHM to meet HMP requirements. BAHM, SDHM, SAHM, SMRHM...
BAHM 2013 Workshops

Bay Area Hydrology Model 2013 (BAHM2013)
Computer Training Workshops
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Model Reivew
We are not just model creators we are model users. We are experts at model review let us review your model.