Latest Features & Capabilities in WWHM4

Unlock 100% of WWHM-SWMM analysis features with WWHM4.

  • Export and import data to and from WWHM4 and HEC-RAS.
  • National Time Series data included.
  • Easily autosize different types of LID including Inground Planter Boxes.
  • New elements for Porous Pavement, Bioswale, Green Roofs, Hydraulics, etc.
  • Enhanced Stage Storage Discharge Element for multilayer ponds.
  • Improved Graphing and Reporting tools.
  • New WDM Maintenance utility for managing time series data in WDM files.
  • Review Checklist automates the project review process.
  • Full and Reviewer (limited editing) editions available.
  • Meets NPDES MS4 requirements.
  • Workstation, Server, and Network Licensing available.

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