Commercial Products Integrated in WWHM-SWMM

WWHM-SWMM includes commercial stormwater storage and water quality products to make solving stormwater problems even easier.

We’ve partnered with major stormwater manufacturers to ensure products are accurately modeled in WWHM-SWMM.

Stormwater commercial products in WWHM-SWMM include:

  • Oldcastle KriStar Bio Mod biofiltration units
  • Oldcastle StormCapture module vaults
  • Bio Clean Modular Wetland System Linear biofiltration units
  • ADS StormTech storage chambers
  • Brentwood StormTank module storage units
  • Torrent Resources MaxWell Type IV drywells
  • CULTEC Contactor and Recharger plastic storage chambers
  • Thirsty Duck floating orifices

Each commercial stormwater product is represented in WWHM-SWMM by one or more stage-storage-discharge tables used by EPA HSPF routing algorithms. These algorithms are designed to route stormwater runoff through the product.

Most WWHM-SWMM commercial product elements also includes an auto-sizing feature to help you select the optimal size for the hydromodification or water quality facility to meet NPDES MS4 requirements.