Courses: Stormwater Modeling Software

Clear Creek Solutions offers customized training courses in stormwater modeling software and LID compliance.

Our workshops can be tailored to meet your specific training objectives.

  • LID
  • HSPF Model
  • EPA SWMM Model
  • SDHM 3.1 software
  • BAHM Model

Low Impact Development Workshops

Clear Creek Solutions low-impact development (LID) workshops explore the ins and outs of how to model LID facilities and practices.

Our LID training workshops can be customized to address your specific compliance standards and hydrology modeling software of choice.

In general, our LID workshops cover the following topics:

LID facilities:

  • Green roof
  • Bioswale
  • Bioretention (rain garden)
  • Permeable pavement
  • Impervious area disconnection

Procedures and methods to meet specified minimum requirements, such as:

  • LID performance standards based on matching flow durations
  • Water quality treatment reporting based on pollution-generating surfaces
  • Stream protection flow control standard
  • Wetland protection standard based on runoff volume changes

Connect with us for more information about our LID training workshops.

HSPF Model

Our standard 8-hour HSPF workshop takes 2 days. This training covers all aspects of the hydrology portion of HSPF.

Our HSPF training workshops are instructed by one of our founding partners, Doug Beyerlein, PE, PH, D.WRE.

Doug has 40 years of experience in all aspects of HSPF and has been training engineers in the use of HSPF for the past 3 decades.

If you’re interested in hosting an HSPF training workshop, contact us.

HSPF Workshop Schedule:

  • Introduction and History of HSPF
  • Purpose of Workshop
  • Basic Hydrology
  • Continuous Simulation Theory: Modeling the Hydrologic Cycle
  • Comparison with other models
  • Hydrometeorological Data Requirements
  • Data Storage: WDM
  • Input/Output
  • HSPF User Input Files
  • PERLND Parameters and Equations
  • IMPLND Parameters
  • Routing Methodology
  • Model Calibration Procedures
  • General Discussion
  • Q&A

SWMM Training

Joseph Brascher is a founding partner at Clear Creek Solutions and has been working with SWMM since 1990.

Mr. Brascher is an expert in the use of SWMM4, SWMM5, XPSWMM, and PCSWMM.

A standard training workshop in the use of SWMM5 is only 1 day.

If you’re interested in hosting an HSPF training workshop, please contact us.

SDHM 3.1 Training

As the authors of the SDHM 3.1, Clear Creek Solutions offers expert training in the use and application of these software packages.

WWHM-SWMM Training

As the authors of WWHM-SWMM, Clear Creek Solutions offers expert training in the use and application of WWHM-related software packages.

BAHM Training

We offer the following training workshops for Bay Area Hydrology Model (BAHM) software:

  • Basic BAHM User Workshop
  • Advanced BAHM User Workshop

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