Stormwater Consulting Services

  • Watershed Modeling
  • Software Development
  • WWHM4
  • HSPF Model
  • Stormwater Design and Facility Sizing
  • Catch Basin Planning
  • Rainfall Data Construction

Software Development

Clear Creek Solutions has developed 12 stormwater management and drainage design models for various jurisdictions around the world. We can develop a model for your jurisdiction.

  • WWHM2012
  • WWHM3
  • BAHM
  • SOHM
  • SAHM
  • CAHM
  • SDHM
  • CCHM
  • WWHM4

Each model incorporates the local design criteria, local data, and local soils parameters.

With WWHM4 you can design a facility anywhere in the continential U.S.

You can even import local rainfall data and modify the design criteria to meet local specifications.

Plus, WWHM4 model works with Hydrologic Engineering Center's River Analysis System (HEC-RAS) output. So HSPF flows can be inputted into HEC-RAS models.

Contact us if you need specific information on how we can help with your project or stormwater needs.

Stormwater Facility Sizing

Size Facility

Let the experts at Clear Creek quickly size your facility for you.

We write and use WWHM-SWMM stormwater model day in and day out. So we can size the most complicated setups quickly and efficiently.

Just send us your model or model data. We’ll take care of the set up and sizing. Then return the completed model to you ready for submission.

We can usually everything in just a few hours.

Contact us if you’re interested in having us size your stormwater facility.

Review Facility

Review Facility

So you've finished your project but aren't sure you have the best stormwater solutions?

Let our stormwater experts review your project, check your model setup and, if needed, improve your design.

To have your stormwater design reviewed and optimized, connect with us.

Rainfall Data Construction

We have decades of experience working with meteorological data.

Let us help you convert existing raw data into usable data for HSPF model, SWMM, WWHM-SWMM, or another stormwater model.

  • Develop reliable time series data from any raw data kept in any format.
  • Convert data from one time step to another.
  • Disaggregate data
  • Fill missing data.