Clients: Edwards Aquifer Authority, San Antonio, TX
   U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Fort Worth, TX

Clear Creek Solutions has provide hydrologic modeling services to the Edwards Aquifer Authority of San Antonio, Texas, including computation of recharge to the Edwards Aquifer, comparison of recharge estimates based on different precipitation data sources, reviewing and analyzing results, and creating a Windows-version of HSPF for the nine major basins that cross the Edwards Aquifer.

Comparative analyses were made to determine the preferred precipitation data set for the model. The comparative analyses focused on the computation of recharge using the National Weather Service (NWS) precipitation data (augmented with the Authority's Real Time Network hourly precipitation data, where needed) and the NEXRAD radar data. The evaluation of the analyses found that the NWS hourly precipitation data produced more accurate simulated streamflow data which, in turn, produced more accurate recharge estimates than the NEXRAD daily precipitation data.
In addition, Clear Creek Solutions provided training to Edwards Aquifer Authority staff in the use of the HSPF-based hydrology and hydraulics software. This information has assisted Authority staff in the evaluation of alternative solutions to increase groundwater recharge.