Get trained by the people who made the WWHM3!

Attend one of our 4-hour WWHM3 training seminars or sign up for an HSPF course.
AGC of Washington
To find out how you can attend future classes, contact:
Erica Peterson
Clear Creek Solutions offers these training session:

•BAHM Basic (4 hours)
•BAHM Advanced (4 hours)
•HSPF Overview (8 hours)
•SDHM (8 hours)
•WWHM3 Basic (4 hours)
•WWHM3 Advanced (4 hours)
If you are interested, please send and email to

Please indicate:

•Training Class
•Approximate dates you are interested in
•Number of persons attending
•City where you would like the training class
* WWHM3 Training Workshop
* HP Training Workshop
* San Diego Hydrology Model (SDHM)
* Bay Area Hydrology Model (BAHM2013)